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The Beebe Family

By Erica Beebe


My great-great-grandmother brought my great-grandfather and his brother to Long Beach in 1914. They came to Long Beach because my great-great-grandfather had passed away and they came looking for a new start. They both attended Poly High and my great-grandfather was Senior Class President in 1925. They left to go to college and medical school, but eventually came back to open a medical practice in Long Beach.


I’m 4th generation on my father’s paternal side and 5th generation on the maternal side. Under our current Beebe family tree there are 17 of us that still live in Long Beach. Beebes don’t stray too far! My grandparents Selden (Dr. Beebe) and Sheri, my dad Jason and my aunt Alecia, my sister Shannon and my cousins Jacob and Brandon. Then my grandfather’s brother Ed (Dr. Beebe) and his wife JoAnn, their kids Brett (Dr. Beebe) and Kimmy, and my cousins Devon, Owen, Connor, Cole and Ryan.


My great-grandfather and his brother were both doctors. Then, my grandfather and his brother also became doctors and opened practices in Long Beach. So at one point, there were 4 Dr. Beebes in Long Beach!

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