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The "Life is Great in the 908" Local Subscription Box!


What is it?

What is our “Life is Great in the 908“ Subscription Box?

It is a quarterly variety box delivered to your doorstep with all sorts of fun, tasty, and local made/sold goodies! 

We work with local merchants to pick out the perfect seasonal items and then buy them at a bulk discount and deliver it to your home for FREE!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. If you’re looking for an easy, fun way to support a variety of local businesses and our magazine, consider signing up for our Subscription Box!

Price- $70

Our Life is Great in the 908 Subscription Box includes 5+ local items worth a retail total of $100+ delivered to your doorstep for just $70 (+tax)!



FREE DELIVERY to the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Al, Rossmoor, and Seal Beach! We currently will not deliver to any other city.

Inside the Box:
Well, the point of the box is to have it be a surprise. But we can assure you we hand-select a really cool box that can be enjoyed by all. It's themed for the season and everything in it makes a great gift! 


Fall Box
Deadline to Sign Up: September 30th
Delivery Dates: October 10th-17th

Winter Box
Deadline to Sign Up: December 31st
Delivery Dates: January 10th-17th

Spring Box
Deadline to Sign Up: March 31st
Delivery Dates: April 10th-17th

Summer Box
Deadline to Sign Up: June 30th
Delivery Dates: July 10th-17th

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 7.59.23 AM.png

If you signed up for a box but would like to cancel, you may do so here at anytime!

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