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Papalucci’s and Pickled Eggs...Michelle and Jason Stone

By John Grossi

Michelle was living in Huntington Harbor in the summer of 1998. Jason happened to drive down from Long Beach that fateful Sunday and head to Mother’s Tavern in Huntington to listen to live music. Michelle was also enjoying that Sunday afternoon at the bar and when he walked in, their eyes met immediately. They talked a lot that afternoon about music and life, and exchanged numbers.

The First Date

The following week, Jason drove to Huntington Harbor to pick up Michelle. He gave her two CDs with the music they had bonded over the week before—Al Green and Frank Sinatra—and Michelle knew something was different. He drove her to Papalucci’s on 2nd Street in Long Beach, where they shared a delicious dinner and “magical conversation.” To top off the evening, Jason took Michelle to Joe Jost’s for her first visit to try a pickled egg and a schooner. Talk about the Long Beach version of “cherry on top!”

The Rest is History...

After about a year and a half of dating, Jason scheduled a Valentine’s Day date at Papalucci’s once again… only this time the waiter brought out Champagne glasses with an engagement ring in Michelle’s! The two made Papalucci’s their spot where they celebrated many anniversaries, big family moments, and even one last anniversary dinner the week before it permanently closed. Jason and Michelle are happily married with two kids. They love exploring all the diverse aspects of Long Beach and are happy to call the 908’ their home!

Date Ideas from Michelle and Jason

• Share a pickled egg at Joe Jost’s!

• Go back to your “first date” spot often… you never know when it might be gone forever!



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