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Scott, owner, holding his custom 25lb mace.

I Defy Fitness | Fitness Community

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Owner, Scott Sonderman DPT

It’s hard to say the name “I Defy Fitness” without having a sense of power wash over you, and that’s the point.

Owner of I Defy Fitness, Scott Sonderman DPT, purposely named the gym “I Defy” to instill in people the idea that we always have the ability to overcome obstacles.

“In life and fitness we all have challenges, and your mindset has the biggest impact on whether you rise above them or not,” said Scott. “I Defy stands for that attitude that will help you meet your fitness goals whether it is weight loss, or simply to walk without back pain.”

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Scott received his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri in exercise physiology and nutrition as well as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University St. Louis. After that he made the move to California and for a while lived between Santa Monica and Culver City.

“I worked in various clinics in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, but I had friends in Long Beach and every time I would visit them I loved the city,” said Scott. “It has big city qualities but also a lot of the mid-western community feel that I was missing when I lived in Los Angeles.”

Scott said he soon realized it made sense for him to move his life to Long Beach to open up his gym.

Fitness and athleticism have been a part of Scott’s life since he first started playing basketball as a child. As he grew older he explored other forms of fitness like mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

“I really stuck with fitness and as my career progressed it made sense for me to continue down that route,” said Scott. “Through my degrees I have been able to train and rehab people from professional, collegiate, and high school athletes to everyday people just looking to get fit.”

With I Defy Fitness Scott saw an opportunity to bring something new and different to the community.

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“My goal is to teach you how to move in ways you’ve never moved before,” said Scott. “Fitness has to be about rehab and unlearning certain movements that have hindered our body from moving how it should. My job is to help you fix that so that you can move your body in the correct ways that will foster real strength and function.”

What makes your fitness experience at I Defy even more unique is the fact that Scott trains with viking weapons. These are tools like steel clubs and maces. Although they might seem intimidating, Scott is more than willing to give you a demonstration of how they can be used to improve your health and fitness.

“We use tools like battle ropes, and sandbags instead of regular dumbbells or barbells because they use more muscle per movement, keeping the core tighter and stronger,” said Scott. “These unconventional tools have been a complete game changer for me and my clients. You’ve never experienced anything like them before, that I guarantee.”

The mobile objects give the same power and control that warriors possessed when fighting each other which is what makes them so much fun to work with. Scott says it is an experience unlike any you’ve had before, but you’ll definitely be left wanting more.

Everything is coached by Scott and you can choose between working out with a large group, a personal training group with up to four people, or a one-on-one session. It is all about finding what works best for you.

Scott has tailed his gym to make your fitness experience unique and fun, yet still extremely effective. At I Defy Fitness you get the chance to work with someone who is not only highly educated, but he is passionate about what he does and will gladly pull down a steel mace and show you how it can strengthen your core.

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