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Shoot Your Shot with Mike Gallo at Tracy's Bar and Grill (PODCAST AND VIDEO)

Former Major League Baseball and Long Beach State pitcher Mike Gallo came on in relief for the Shoot Your Shot boys at Tracy's Bar and Grill.

We sat down with former Houston Astro and Long Beach State relief pitcher Mike Gallo at Tracy's Bar and Grill (5511 Spring St). He told us what it was like playing Major League Baseball and pitching in the 2005 World Series. We also attempted to Make Baseball Fun Again (9:49-38:18). We talked high school sports and Long Beach State volleyball in "Iron Sharpens Iron" (2:10-9:16) and as always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is Lakewood girls' volleyball player Destynie Viliamu (39:30-42:12).


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