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Behind the Scenes with Elm Street Band (VIDEO)

In 1986, somewhere between a Luau in Hawaii and the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, The Elm Street Band was born at the corner of Elm St. and Anaheim in Long Beach. They rocked a house party that night and the rest is history.

Elm Street Band is one of the most well-known bands in our city and is basically a household name. I mean what other group of locals can say they headline the Long Beach Summer Concert Series along with the Municipal Band?

Tens of thousands of fans in greater Long Beach refer to Elm Street Band as the “The world’s greatest garage band world.” That garage band feel is a big part of their secret. As vocalist and keyboard player Roland Misajon puts it, “A garage band…that’s exactly what we’ll be till the final curtain. There’s not another step for us and we have so much fun amongst ourselves, it projects to the people.”

The concert goers certainly have fun, watching, dancing, singing, and making each individual concert a memorable one.

Friday August 11th, 2017 was the El Dorado Park “Super Bowl” Concert for the Elm Street Band. About 6,000 residents showed up to rock the night away! A week later 908 Magazine sat down with them at their headquarters in El Dorado Park Estates to learn more about the band’s members, how they put together a show, what makes El Dorado Park Special, and why life is great in the 908!

We hope you enjoy the video and learn a lot more about the band from our hometown that we all know and love!

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