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The Norris Family

By Heather Norris


My grandparents on my mom’s side came out in 1949 from Illinois to find a better job. My grandfather started working at a gas station in Long Beach and my grandmother started at a bakery in a local grocery store. My mom went to St. Athanasius Catholic School first then Jordan High School.


My parents met in Anaheim and eventually built a house in Ojai, CA. I moved to Long Beach in 2002, to go to CSULB and met my wife while working at the CSULB “Beach Fund.” We rented one of the small 1949’s Artcraft duplexes for years. We bought a house 3 years ago built in 1953, and now our son goes to Patrick Henry Elementary. We live in Long Beach and plan to stay here.


My mom remembers going to Signal Hill on dates and to the Pike with friends and riding the roller coaster. In the 1950s, Jordan High School had a sorority and she was in it.

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