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By John Grossi

Photo by Monique Kuhlman

Swim. Bike. Run. Chances are, you’ve already completed the three legs of a triathlon at some point in your life—just maybe not all at once!

Here to serve the growing triathlon community of Long Beach is T2 Triathlon and Cycling, a new shop that just opened at the corner of Palo Verde and Stearns. With multiple annual triathlon events already hosted in the city each year, and the Olympic Games set to bring the best triathletes from all over the world to Long Beach in 2028, owner Bryan Mewes is confident that he can not only fulfill a current gap, but act as a catalyst for the sport’s growth in the city over the next decade.

“This shop can definitely serve the hardcore athletes, and I can talk about races and training with those customers all day, but what I also want to focus on with my shop are the beginners,” explains Mewes. “I got a very warm welcome into this sport, and I’ve met so many great people through this sport. But I know how intimidating it can be to get into.”


Have you ever thought about giving triathlon a try but didn’t know where to start? Are you looking for a new way to get into shape? Looking for a new challenge? Are you seasoned in one of the three areas, but ready to try another? T2’s “Give it a Tri” program is an 8-week training course, run by Bryan, that is meant to either introduce you to a new passion, or help you achieve a short one-time goal!

The program, which includes both in-person training and at-home workouts, is something you can join with the bike you already have and no additional gear. At the end of the 8-week course, participants will compete in a local race!


T2 Triathlon and Cycling is part retail, part repair shop, part community. Everything you need to get started or take your triathlon performance to the next level will be sold through the shop: a full line of bikes, gear, gadgets, and more. Bryan is also a repair guru and offers bike repair of all kinds. Finally, the shop is a community for triathletes! You can ride with the T2 club or just come in to learn about local races, Long Beach rides and runs, other training groups and more!


Each Triathlon is broken up clearly into two transitions. The first, known as T1—the transition from swim to bike—and T2, the transition from bike to run. But the name T2 Triathlon and Cycling isn’t just a fun Triathlon pun. For Bryan Mewes, it represents something much bigger. T2 is his 2nd transition in life. Growing up in a family business (auto repair), Bryan always knew he would work for and take over his family business, and that is exactly what he did as an early adult.

Now with that business streamlined, Bryan is excited to make his personal “T2” or “2nd transition” in life. He and his wife, Nicole, want T2 to be a family-friendly, beginner-friendly, community-friendly shop. This shop is a passion, not a duty. It is his way of paying it forward for a sport that has become such a big part of his adult life!


One of Bryan’s mantras is that “A triathlon is a triathlon.” Meaning, you don’t have to cover 140.6 miles (a full Ironman) to be a triathlete. “That’s simply not true,” says Bryan. “Anyone who has done a sprint race, even if it’s short, has completed a triathlon.” So if you’ve ever thought about giving it a “tri,” head into T2 Triathlon and Cycling to turn your goals into action! You are Long Beach’s next Triathlete!



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