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The Pursuit Of Wellness With Team Runners High

By Monique Garcia

Photos by Monique Kuhlman

The journey to make your life more active and healthy may seem intimidating, especially as a beginner. What if there was an enjoyable way to do so while also meeting positive and interesting people? Team Runners High is a community running club where people of all levels are welcome. 

Personally, I have never been a runner. Other than some very short moments on the treadmill at the gym, I do my best to stay away from long distance running. You can imagine how intimidated I was at my first meeting with Team Runners High. I thought it would be interesting to attend incognito (instead of telling them I was a writer), in order to get the same experience any new member would. From the moment I first walked up, everyone was so welcoming and positive. The run itself was difficult but thanks to the support and environment, I’m proud to say I’ve kept going back.

“From people who are just starting running to long time runners, I think either can find what they’re looking for here,” said David Kuntz, Team Runners High Manager.

Team Runners High is the oldest running club in Long Beach and has been around since 1977. How have they managed to survive over 45 years? The diverse community they have built is one dedicated to running and making sure everyone is safe while doing so. Their long-standing club motto, ”RUN HAPPY, RUN SAFE” encompasses that. 

Tuesday nights are Track Nights, with different running challenges every week. After reviewing the challenge explanation at the beginning of every meeting, you can choose to follow along or go at your own pace. No matter what you choose, you can always find company. 

All new members are suggested to begin at Track Night at Lakewood High. It gives everyone the chance to welcome each other and is the best place to get to know your fellow runners. They also host runs around other local spots in Long Beach on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. 

“One of the things Team Runners High provides is not only running programs for you to follow, but a very supportive and social group for you to run with,” shares David Kuntz.

In order to give the best possible support to their runners, three of the coaches at Team Runners High have completed a certification program through the national Road Runners Club of America. This allows them to competently train both experienced and beginner runners that join their club. On top of that, club members themselves share their best tips and tricks with each other during meetings.

“Most people who come out to run tend to stay. There isn’t anyone in this club I wouldn’t run a mile next to,” says David Kuntz.


If you are looking to make your life more active, make friends, and have something to do on a Tuesday night, join Team Runners High. 

Whether your goal is to meet a certain running time or even to just be more active, the community’s passion and positivity is contagious. Becoming a member is only $50 annually and comes with a club t-shirt, access to events and celebrations, and helps pay to rent the track. 

Join them! The club meets every Tuesday, rain or shine, at Lakewood High School’s Athletic Field: 4400 Briercrest Ave, Lakewood, CA 90713 (Corner of Centralia & Lomina). You can find more information on their other runs on their website,



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