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By Monique Garcia | Photos by Alexiz Gomez and Monique Kuhlman

A mocktail, a mock cocktail, has all the creativity, taste, and ingredients of a cocktail, just without the booze. Why? Because bars aren’t just places to drink alcohol. It’s where people gather for community, make new friends, or create new memories! And for everyone to feel welcome, it is important to have creative non-alcohol (NA) options.


1227 E. 4th St, 90802 | @babygeebar

If you’re looking for a new hangout, as well as mocktails, Baby Gee is the perfect spot. This neighborhood bar effortlessly creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel primed for socializing. They have three amazing “soft cocktails,” each better than the last with their unique flavor profiles that feel incredibly intentional. The Dew Dropper is refreshing and spicy and the Nada Sling is the perfect balance of tart and sour. The Starfish Coffee is definitely a must-try which proves my bar motto, “always ask the bartender.” They also have a sizable non-alcoholic beer list. As one of the latest additions to Long Beach’s bar scene, it's good to see a place so focused on inclusivity and style.


3522 E. Anaheim St, 90802 | @bambooclublb

The Bamboo Club is a Long Beach staple for any bar lover. It’s a laidback tiki joint that brings in a high-energy, lively crowd. Their Virgin Painkiller is a personal favorite that I never fail to recommend to first-timers. The energy and atmosphere is very welcoming to all. Their menu is full of vegan and pescatarian options and more often than not, they have live music to set the mood. You're really missing out if you don't visit The Bamboo Club at least once!


366 Cherry Ave, 90814 | @aldersage

Alder & Sage is the best spot for a cozy, intimate dinner with a well-crafted mocktail. You can’t go wrong with anything you order from their farm-to-table dining menu. As for their mocktails, I was blown away by the cocktail-like ABC-Beet. And as a fan of regular mojitos, I had to stop myself from ordering a second Don’t Mock My Mojito before I left. With a coffee bar that is also open during dinner, those who choose NA have even more options. The restaurant setting is so warm and inviting that I am already planning another dinner date so I can take advantage of the outdoor firepits!



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