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Long Beach Lawn Bowling: Where The Grass Is Greener

By Kathleen Mest

I’ve driven by the lawn bowling greens at Recreation Park for years (and you probably have too!) I had so many questions: How do you get inside? When is it open? Would I have to wear white?

Finally, I was going to unravel the mysteries of Lawn Bowling.

It was a beautiful spring evening and I was greeted by Bob Daniels, publicity chair of Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club. My first impression… EVERYONE is friendly and welcoming. The members enthusiastically shared game hints and the reasons they enjoyed lawn bowling.

My lesson was given by Pat Gonzales, a national champion who was inducted into the US Lawn Bowling Hall of Fame. Pat is passionate about lawn bowling. She took me on a tour of the three greens, taught me the game and gave some great advice.

The game is begun by rolling the “jack” (a small white ball) down the green. Then each person/team has different colored “bowls” to roll towards the jack. The bowls are asymmetrical balls that naturally give your roll a curve. The person/team who gets their bowls nearest to the jack gets a point for each bowl and wins the ‘end’ (similar to an inning in baseball).

You can play singles or in teams of two, three or four. You can play with friends or come alone during Draw Bowling sessions, where all the players’ names are drawn randomly to create teams. It’s a great way to meet members.

The Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club provides 3 free lessons to non-members. It’s a great opportunity to try out the sport and get hooked! The Club loves getting new members.

The membership fee is $200/year and includes:

  • Access to the Club’s greens, clubhouse, personal locker, bowls

  • Participation in Club holiday celebrations, Club sponsored tournaments, Club Draw Games

  • Access to the greens in any Bowls USA Club. There are 27 lawn bowling clubs in Southern California alone!

The Club has a great deal of experience hosting private parties, fundraisers and corporate events of at least six people, and is accustomed to serving 50 or more. The Club provides instructors and all the necessary equipment you will need.

Check it out! As one member put it, you’ll “have a Bowl!”


LB Lawn Bowling Club, 1109 Federation

Drive, Long Beach CA

(562) 433-9063

  • To make an appointment for a free lesson, contact Pat Gonzales at 562-280-4622

  • For private party information, contact Mark Holden at 562-370-5051

  • Open House event coming soon! Check the website for details:



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