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Inviting YOU to Goodwill’s “Celebrate the Power of Work” Event at MOLAA

By John Grossi

What: Southern Los Angeles Goodwill’s “Celebrate the Power of Work” Event

When: September 27, 2022; 5:30pm

Where: Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach

We all know where to go to drop off the clothes we’ve outgrown and small items we no longer use. Likewise, where to shop for affordable finds to fit any wardrobe, style, or home needs. Goodwill is as much a staple in our society as any department or convenience store. Yet many people have no idea exactly what the “good” cause associated with Goodwill is! Nor do they realize how locally the organization impacts our community.

That is why the Southern Los Angeles Goodwill is so excited to invite residents of Long Beach to its annual “Power of Work” event at MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art). Those who attend this fun and inspirational evening will enjoy an unrivaled experience in the museum. Explore new exhibits, enjoy dinner in the sculpture garden, and most importantly, learn about “The Power of Work” and hear stories of those lives who have been transformed.

The entire mission of Goodwill is help people to help themselves. “We help those with barriers to employment get the job training and job placement they need to transform their own lives and the lives of their families,” says Southern Los Angeles President and CEO, Kimberly Hall.

“It’s amazing to see the long-term impact our programs have. Not only on an individual’s life, but their whole family experiences a different life once we help get people to work.”

A hefty 89 cents out of every $1 spent at a Goodwill in Southern LA (including Long Beach) goes directly toward programming, training, and job placement. Last year alone the South LA Goodwill program helped nearly 3,000 individuals find steady job placement. That’s a lot of transformed lives!

At the “Power of Work” event, attendees will have the chance to hear about the incredible journeys of this year’s award winners, including the top graduating student and the student with a disadvantaging condition who has shown the most progress.

The night, to be emceed by local celeb Dr. Regina Cash, also includes an auction with items from the “Best of Goodwill Stores.” Auctioneer-extraordinaire Randy Gordon, formerly of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, will help Goodwill fund needs through a live ask.

Southern Los Angeles County Goodwill puts those looking to join the workforce into two main training programs: one for certified nursing assistant (CNA) and the other for certified security guard (CSG). Goodwill runs both of these programs in-house and is able to not only certify students but also place them into jobs through its community partnerships around the region. This year at the “Power of Work” event, Goodwill will honor Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center as its “Employer of the Year.”

In addition to its two main programs, Goodwill offers many other trainings that fill each session, such as their “Digital Skills” training course to improve confidence in students’ internet and computer knowledge. The “Fatherhood” program is for dads looking to get back in touch with their children.

Tickets for the inspiring and fun evening at MOLAA on September 27, 2022, are available now at! The admission fee is $100 and includes dinner, music, and access to the exhibits! All proceeds go to support and fund Goodwill’s mission - the power of work.

This is a great opportunity to network, have fun, and most importantly, become inspired by what a charitable cause can achieve in the local community!



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