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By Marina Hernández

Photos by Monique Kuhlman

Coach Andy Hall, varsity baseball coach at Wilson High School, reached an incredible milestone this season with his 600th win! On March 22nd, Wilson defeated Cabrillo 21-10, solidifying Coach Hall’s legendary status. A status that he appreciates yet humbly credits to being surrounded by so many wonderful people, “There have been thousands of players, family members, and coaches that I want to thank for helping me get to #600. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the baseball coach at both schools where I have worked. It has been a long road, but an enjoyable journey!”


It’s a journey that began in 1988, at St. Anthony’s High School where Coach Hall began as a JV baseball coach. Within three years Coach Hall earned the varsity coach role, and he proudly served the baseball program at St. Anthony’s from 1991-2000, until then principal of Wilson High, Jon Meyer, phoned and asked if he would like to apply for an open position at Wilson.  

From 2001 to present, Coach Hall has led the Wilson varsity baseball program with an ever-evolving level of intensity, compassion and dedication. With 600 wins over a 34-season career, Coach Hall has proven that he has a formula to develop and maintain a program that is built for success. He credits his achievements to the unwavering support of the community, from his own parents and children to the professionals he works with at Wilson. Reflecting on the success of his career, Coach Hall states, “I feel blessed to have had the opportunity.”

Coach Hall has impacted and inspired the lives of so many individuals on and off the field. May we all be this impactful…


I loved playing for Coach Hall for 3 years and being an alumni of his program is something I’m proud of. He helps young boys turn into young men after leaving the program. And I believe he uses baseball to teach many life lessons, such as hard work, humility, dedication and teamwork. Those 600 wins tell a much deeper story than just a win column. It’s his legacy showing the hard work he has put in to help develop hundreds if not thousands of high school boys into men. Thank you Coach Hall for showing up everyday and being willing to put in the hard work. 

Chase DeJong proudly played under Coach Hall during his 400th win in 2012. 

Throwing in Coach Hall's 500th game was my favorite high school game to be a part of. To be able to do something for a person who had done so much for not just me but our entire team meant everything to me!

Zach Pettway was on the mound the day Wilson defeated Lakewood for Coach Hall’s 500th win in 2017.

Going from being a player to an assistant coach under Coach Hall, I got to see first hand what makes him a great coach, and it has nothing to do with baseball. Coach Hall has the ability to shift mindsets, inspire greatness, and consciously expand your awareness of not just yourself but the people around you. If you look at the men who have come through our program over the years and see the kind of fathers, husbands, and leaders they are today, you can see the effect he has had on his players. Whether it is his legendary sayings, his life lessons, or his calming demeanor, Andy Hall is preparing his teams for much more than baseball.

Chase Kaesman was a member of Coach Hall’s 2007 CIF Championship baseball team and later served as one of his assistant coaches at Wilson.



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