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A Clean Pool Is A Happy Pool!

Pool equipment can be tough to understand. Have you ever looked at it and not known what the heck is going on? Or, you’re ready to go swimming and then, you remember: “Oh yeah, the pool is dirty. Didn’t the kids ‘promise’ they would clean it?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But East Long Beach Pool and Spa Supply can help!

East Long Beach Pool and Spa Supply understands cleaning your own pool can be a bit tricky, time consuming, and easy to forget about. Therefore, they offer full pool cleaning services with an outstanding pool servicing team that is determined to maintain your pool and make sure it remains problem-free.

Well-trained pool maintenance employees are familiar with all types of pools, pool equipment and how they should function. They are trained to check the chemical balance of the water and efficiently clean pools in a timely fashion. This can help take the burden of cleaning your own pool off your shoulders and make sure your pool is looking beautiful all year for an affordable price.

East Long Beach Pool and Spa Supply weekly pool service includes:

● Brushing pool walls

● Tile brushing with a mild cleanser

● Skim pool

● Clean pump basket and skimmer basket

● Check pressure on the filter

● Test chlorine and acid readings

They’ll also notify homeowners of any problems that may need repair or bring attention to any issues with the pool or pool equipment. They’ll advise you on what to modify, if needed, without trying to sell you unnecessary items. By using this weekly pool service, you are sure to get great results on the clarity of your water and ensure it is at optimal swimming conditions.

East Long Beach Pool and Spa Supply is dedicated to keeping pools clean and making sure that they remain clean so you don’t have to. You will never have to worry about a dirty pool again!


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