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Free Lance Motors in Long Beach Specializes in All Car Models

Free Lance Motors has served the community from its humble garage and junkyard on South Street since the ‘70s. Back then, they had a niche in the Volkswagen business. In fact, their model Volkswagen car and sign perched high up on a pole for all on South Street to see has been there for over 30 years.

“It’s become sort of a North Long Beach Landmark,” owner Glenn Tidwell said.

But car trends and car culture have changed since the ‘70s. There has always been a certain “buggy” culture in California, but as other companies have emerged and manufactured more reliable cars for the middle class, Free Lance Motors has adjusted their services as well.

“We’ve always been able to service any car, but we used to get a lot more VW’s just because we were known for that,” Glenn said. “I want people to know that our main business is no longer VWs. It’s Hyundais, Kias, Fords, Hondas, and other domestics, you name it.”

Free Lance Motors has been around for so long and has a trustworthy name in the community. The main message they want to convey is that they can help with everything.

“We still get some old-time customers coming in with their VWs. They talk about their other cars that need help and they don’t realize we do everything! Whatever you got, bring it in and you know we’re going to give you an honest opinion, fair price, and great service.”

Glenn and his son Dawson want to build relationships with customers. They’ll turn down business if it’s not the right fit for the car and the customer.

“If I think something is a bad investment, I’m going to tell the customer. I’m not going to take their money and fix something that does not make sense in the long run.”

If you’ve been looking for that old, 1970s type of honest service on your new 2000s car or truck, head to Free Lance Motors. Visit their website for more information.


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