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The Brown Butter Boys Supper Club

By Kathleen Mest

The Brown Butter Boys Supper Club is an intimate dinner for 14 at a “secret” location with a 6-course curated menu plus an amuse-bouche (a small bite preceding the main course that packs big flavor!) and a take-home gift (surprise!)

Meet the Boys

Chef Michael Romo and Chef Frank Hernandez met in the kitchen of Chianina Steakhouse. After Chianina closed permanently due to the pandemic, Michael and Frank maintained their close friendship and knew they wanted to work together again. With their shared obsession for browned butter and love of fine dining, The Brown Butter Boys Supper Club was born. “I wanted to share our palate with the city and offer an approachable fine dining experience,” shares Chef Michael. Guests have access to view the kitchen to watch the inner-workings. “It’s transparent fine dining,” Chef Frank remarks.

The Food

These chefs love the creative freedom their Supper Club affords. They choose their vendors with intention, focusing on locality and sustainability. Their vendors bring their best products to the chefs, and this informs the menu which changes from month to month. “At the farmer’s market, our supplier brought us the most delicious peaches and we knew they had to be included in the menu,” Chef Frank says with a grin.

Highlights from my night included Fritto Misto (lightly fried zucchini blossom served with ricotta, and signature salsa macha), Carbonara (pancetta and coddled egg served atop arborio) and Pork Tenderloin served with fennel, pistachio, and grilled farmer’s market peaches. And no doubt, you will always find browned butter in at least one course of the evening!

The Experience

The chefs present each course to the guests with great pride and detail. And beyond the absolutely delicious and beautifully presented food is the intimacy of the experience – meeting with the chefs who have thoughtfully curated and prepared our food. Sitting with 14 guests at a communal table at a private home. It feels… decadent.

Chef Michael shares, “I love seeing strangers become friends. By the end of the dinner, people are exchanging numbers with one another.” Chef Frank adds, “There is a different connection when you break bread with someone.”

Yes… Their food is bringing people together.

Join the Supper Club

The Brown Butter Boys Supper Club menus and reservation information are listed on their website.



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