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Elemental Wellness and Therapy: All the Elements You Need to Be at Your Best in 2023

Photo and Story by John Grossi

Many elements contribute to your wellness profile– your family, history, decisions, job and more; all are important aspects of who you are as a person. If any one element is out of whack, that disruption can impact and put a drag on your entire life.

The three licensed therapists who started Elemental Wellness in Long Beach know how nerve-racking and hard it can be to take the first step to trying out a therapist. But they also know how strong the benefits are, and have created an office and a concept to help people discover how comfortable it is to talk to someone about the barriers in your life.

“Talk therapy is private and confidential, everyone needs someone to talk to,” says Jilliane Paladino-Boyd, LMFT, one of the partners at Elemental Wellness. “Therapy is so much more accepted by normal society than it used to be. However, we know it is still a heavy door to open for many people. Talking to someone who is non-judgmental about what’s on your mind should be the most normal thing in the world.”

Jilliane and her business partners Elle Anzalone, LMFT, and Candice Recotta, LMFT, all worked together in various mental-health related fields in Orange County before deciding to open up a private practice office in Long Beach, their hometown.

The vibe they’ve created in the office is one that is welcoming, warm, smells good, and makes their guests feel comfortable. “I’d describe our office as cool coffee shop meets therapy,” says Elle.

More important than the ambiance is the vibe between patient and therapist. “What I love about this office is that we’re not territorial. We refer out to each other based on what the client needs, and we’re all about finding the right fit,” says Brianna Patti, one of the office’s associate therapists.

Many Specialties All Under One Roof

While most of the therapists at Elemental Wellness are licensed to practice family and marriage counseling, each one has their own sub-specialty, allowing prospective clients to shop which “element” would be best for them.

Elle Anzalone specializes in addiction, trauma, anxiety, codependency, and family systems.

Jilliane Paladino-Boyd specializes in moral injury, trauma, grief and loss, and life stage changes using DBT, TRA, and Jungian psychoanalysis.

Candice Recotta specializes in attachment wounds, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, dissociation and does EMDR.

Brianna Patti specializes in clients who identify with the LGBTQ+ community looking for unconditional acceptance.

Alen Arjad specializes in addiction, men’s issues, anxiety, and self-esteem development.

Diego Reynosa specializes in deescalating tense situations and helps work through nuances of social interactions. He also works well with all ages in the Autism spectrum.

Rachelle Harper is the on-site massage therapist. She focuses on increased freedom of movement, relaxation, stress relief, and helps identify chronic pain patterns and increased body awareness.

Keely McCormack is a trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator, who seeks to empower her client’s reconnection to the body, mind, and spirit in a safe space in which you are seen, heard, and celebrated.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Take the Leap

Elemental Wellness is offering a free consultation to help identify which of their therapists or services might be the best fit for you.

With the New Year inspiring positive change in people, Elemental Wellness wants you to know that they are on your side. Whatever it is that’s halting you from being the best version of yourself, you are welcome to come on in and talk about it. A non-judgmental, friendly and warm welcome is waiting for you right down the street on Palo Verde Ave. in East Long Beach.


Elemental Wellness is located at 3325 Palo Verde Ave, Ste 202, Long Beach, CA 90808



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