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Michele K: “What Makes Her Good is She’s So Determined”

After a very tough few years following the tragic passing of his wife, Richard Shaon was finally starting to move on with his life. “In a better place,” as they say. The long-time Long Beach resident had remarried, moved to La Palma, and even retired after 48 years of work.

But there was still something keeping him up at night—his empty house. The house that he had loved his wife in. The house that he had raised his kids in. The house that he had remodeled and added onto again and again as his family grew and life went on. The same house that had sat empty for so many years now.

“Losing the one you love is the tough part,” Shaon said. “After that, the house is just stucco.”

He knew he needed to sell the house, but he was having trouble getting started. He also knew in the back of his mind which realtor he wanted to call, but he was having trouble convincing himself.

He knew of Michele “K” Kreinheder for the same reason most people in Los Altos and the rest of Long Beach know Michele K—because she’s everywhere. She had helped him with a garage sale and he had also attended her e-waste events.

“Michele is really a mover and a shaker in our neighborhood,” he explained. “She’s always putting on some sort of event to help the community.”

But her involvement in so many things is also what scared him. He needed to sell his home, and he needed some help doing that. He needed a realtor who would be there for him not out too busy running the community.

He brought up that concern when he first met with Michele. If she’s all over the place all the time, how will she have time to dedicate to his project?

“That’s just how I run,” she said. And from that moment, Michele would go on to “wow” Shaon throughout the whole process. And it was quite a process.

The bones of the house were great, but it was dirty. It needed to be cleaned up, sorted out, and spruced up. A lot had to happen in a timely manner.

Michele split up the tasks between what Richard could do himself and what they needed help on. Then, for the tasks they needed help on, she was able to call in all the right people and let Richard choose great contractors from great options.

“She pushed me and made me get done what needed to get done!” Shaon said.

Bottom line, Michele helped Richard sell his house, get a price higher than he expected, and most of all, move on with his life.

“What makes Michele so good is that she is so determined,” Shaon said.

That sums it up. Michele K is a very determined realtor who cares about her community and her clients. Los Altos and Long Beach are lucky to have her. For more information on how Michele K helps the community and can help you, visit


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