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Affordable Exercises to Achieve a Summer Body

Long Beach Walking/Bike Path

Aside from joining a local gym or getting a personal trainer, Long Beach is filled with many free or affordable workout activities. Here are some of our favorites!

As the last day of school approaches, the season changes from spring to summer, vacations dates get closer, and sunny days feel hotter than usual. Our bikinis and swimming trunks are pulled out from the back of our closets, only for us to realize that we should not have slacked off on those new year resolutions of working out regularly. But with one month until summer, there is plenty of time to redeem ourselves with hard work and dedication.

Aside from joining a local gym or getting a personal trainer, Long Beach is filled with many free or affordable workout activities. With proper dieting and a daily exercise, 908 readers will be looking their best this summer.

A Walk Along the Park

Take a stroll along the park the 388-acre East El Dorado Park and explore all the amenities it has to offer. From an archery range to a mapped out bike trail, the park is divided into three areas to make it easier for residents to navigate their way. This makes walking seem more achievable with a green scenery, ducks quacking near the lake and being transported away from city life for a couple of hours.

Long Beach Bike Share

Biking Through the City

Squeezing a bike ride in instead of driving to your destination will be beneficial to attaining a summer body. By cycling, residents are burning calories while still being productive in their everyday lives. Available throughout the city with over 60 stations, Long Beach Bike Share allows residents to cycle to their favorite places. There are various plans available including a $15 monthly plan that includes a 90-minute daily ride.

Yoga with a View

Yoga allows us to strengthen our core, increase mindfulness and with regular practice, obtain weight loss. For a workout with an instructor, Yoga on the Bluff is a great way to exercise our bodies. Located on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Junipero Avenue, these free yoga classes are open to the public and available every day from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Residents bring their own mats and water bottles and come ready to conquer every pose while admiring the ocean.

A Beach Run

Stretching from Shoreline Village Drive to Bayshore Avenue, the city provides the community with a walking and biking trail along the ocean. With the ocean breeze and many locals getting a run in before or after work, the beach provides a welcoming ambiance. The pavement has mile markers for people to track their distance, along with several restrooms and water fountains along the trail. For those who want a challenge, people can add stairs to their routine with various staircases leading from the beach back up to Ocean Boulevard.

Each of these exercises can be done on your own and with family or friends! Exercising should be fun and with the dedication of working out daily for just one month, we should feel our best this summer.


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