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Timeless Pints: A Timeless Farewell

For Chris and Merri Sparacio, opening up Timeless Pints was a dream come true. “It’s a lot tougher work than I ever thought, but at the same time it doesn’t even really feel like work,” says Chris. They brought Timeless Pints to a business park near Long Beach Airport between Bixby Knolls, Lakewood, East Long Beach, and Signal Hill in 2012. At the time, there were no other breweries around, and they quickly developed a faithful group of regulars. Chris and Merri today are so thankful to that strong and consistent, loyal group of regulars who made their dreams possible.

Before the pandemic, Timeless Pints was truly a place where everybody “knew your name.” As far as the beers go, you can guess their style by the name, “Timeless.” Any beer created at Timeless, had to be a true, good and classic, tasty craft beer. Something that would stand the test of time.

Coming out of the pandemic, Chris and Merri have decided now is the right time to sell the brewery to another local and expanding brewer. They have their ducks lined up to head into the next phase of their life, and the year of shutdowns sort of made it the perfect time for a transition. That said, Timeless Pints was a community staple for almost 10 years, and a big connector piece in the story of Long Beach craft beer.

The Sparacios want to publicly thank anyone who has ever supported them and encourage their followers to support the next local brewery and also follow them on social media for future endeavors.



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