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The Wine Crush

By John Grossi

Wish you could go wine tasting up and down the coast of California every weekend? Well, that’s sort of the idea at The Wine Crush. Technically a bottle-shop for small-batch, boutique wineries and breweries, The Wine Crush’s spacious outdoor patio along Broadway in Belmont Heights is used each Thursday-Sunday as a wine flight hot spot, perfect for a local group looking to bask in the presence of wine country without leaving Long Beach.

Each week, The Wine Crush posts a different “theme” for its tasting on their website. For both regulars and newcomers, this keeps things fun, exciting, and educational. Whether it’s a “Paso Robles Red” or “Wines that Pair with BBQ” weekend, patrons can have fun tasting their way through a weekly wine education session.

Mostly, The Wine Crush is a place to lounge and hang out in the beautiful outdoors with friends. Outside food is welcome for those looking to chill for a while, with fire pits and heaters adding to its ambiance during wintertime.

“The patio definitely makes us special,” says owner Adam Crawshaw, “But also the quality of wine. We’ve been doing this for 16 years, and the reason we love the “wine flight” model is that it allows us to show truly extraordinary wine through a flight. Wine that may otherwise be out of the price range for those looking to purchase a glass or bottle.”



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