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Imagine having someone - who knows you, your interests, and priorities - booking (for free) an entire vacation for you! Someone to create your itinerary, answer questions, and provide help by phone if you're lost or facing a challenge while in a foreign area. Sounds pretty great, right? Meet Long Beach travel agent, Elisa McConnehea. By far the most important thing to know about booking a vacation with McConnehea is this: there is no additional fee for her services.

"Nine times out of 10, your vacation is either going to be cheaper when you book through me, or the same price as you'll find through the supplier, but with added amenities," explains the owner of "Travel by Elisa," a franchise of Cruise Planners. "Our price is already built into the tourism industry. We get paid directly from the hotels and attractions you're booking with."

The Cruise Planners network is such a dominant force in the tourism industry that they have discount blocks at almost every major hotel, attraction, and transportation mode around the globe. Though begun as a cruise-booking agency, Cruise Planners' reach now encompasses all forms of transportation and travel.

It starts with an email or call to Elisa. She is available at the hours most convenient for busy parents and workers, including evenings and weekends. After hearing your interests and priorities for the trip, Elisa will generally begin designing your itinerary including finding the transportation, hotels, and attractions. The itinerary can then be adjusted according to your feedback before you put down a deposit. She is excited to bring these talents to her dream job. As she puts it, “I have so much fun making sure my clients have fun! I mean, what better job can you have than helping people plan their vacations?"

To contact Elisa, email her at, or call at 562-225-7623.

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Booking through Elisa McConnehea is the secret to a stress-free vacation at no additional cost. At Wheel of Bliss, we offer Day Retreats designed to reconnect you with yourself, others, nature, and spirit. Escape the modern world, reaffirm your connections, and return stronger. With Elisa’s expertise, every detail is handled, ensuring a seamless experience. Enjoy the peace and rejuvenation that only a retreat can provide, knowing you're in capable hands. Choose Wheel of Bliss and let Elisa guide you to a truly transformative getaway.

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At Bliss By The Sea, we understand that vacation is your time to truly unwind and enjoy. From luxurious accommodations to personalized recommendations, we take care of it all, allowing you to focus solely on relaxation and making memories with your loved ones. So, whether it's a cozy house rental nestled among the trees or a beachfront vacation rental with breathtaking views, let us handle the details while you indulge in the ultimate stress-free getaway.

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