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What inspired you to become a financial advisor?

Growing up, I discovered the vital role of managing money, witnessing its ability to provide freedom and security. I also saw pitfalls of financial unpreparedness. I felt called to become a financial advisor, guiding loved ones and community members towards financial stability.

Why is having a financial plan important?

Having a financial plan is crucial because it provides a roadmap for achieving your financial goals. It helps prioritize objectives, manage resources efficiently, and navigate uncertainties. A plan provides clarity, discipline, and ensures you’re prepared for the future and can weather unexpected financial challenges.

How do you approach financial planning for your clients?

I take a deep dive into my clients’ lives, understanding their vision and values regarding financial goals. Collaboratively, we identify priorities and develop a comprehensive plan covering budgeting, investments, retirement, tax, and estate planning. Implementation is followed by regular reviews, ensuring alignment with changing circumstances and empowering clients through education.

Where do most of your clients come from?

Most clients come via referrals, but I’ve seen a rise in organic inquiries online due to other advisors retiring. J.D. Power data shows the average advisor age is 56, with 20% nearing retirement. Clients are now seeking assurance of continuity, wanting an advisor who won’t retire during or just before their own retirement.

What is the best part of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job comes when a client calls to inform me they’ve officially retired and can now embrace the freedom to pursue their passions. Whether it’s dedicating more time to loved ones or indulging in travel adventures, it’s immensely gratifying to witness the culmination of our collaborative efforts and meticulous planning.

Address: 3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 200, 

Long Beach, CA 90806

Phone: 562-205-4073

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