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The Place to Buy Wine Barrels in Signal Hill or Long Beach

By John Grossi

If you drink wine long enough... sure enough you get a barrel guy, lol. Meet Kevin Beasley, owner of California Wine Barrels located in Signal Hill! Kevin is a Long Beach resident who originally hails from Lodi and has tons of connections in the wine industry!

If you're looking to purchase a barrel, multiple barrels, half barrels (planters), or other barrel-related accessories such as outdoor fire pits, California Wine Barrels is the place to go!

Barrels start at just $75 and half barrels start at $40! Barrels are a great way to spruce up any outdoor space to add vibes, atmosphere, and mood. They can also be functional and made into tables, boundaries, and more!

Contact Kevin at California Wine Barrels to schedule a tour or to pick up a barrel from his warehouse!



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