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The Halsted Family

By Jenna Wolfson


My great-grandmother came to California from Oklahoma during the dust bowl, settled in Sacramento, then finally made her way to Long Beach. My maternal grandfather Carl Halsted graduated from Wilson in 1949. My mother graduated from Millikan in 1974, and then went to LBCC and CSULB where she earned her teaching degree.


I am a third-generation Long Beach native, LBUSD graduate, and LBUSD teacher. I graduated from Millikan in 2003, went to LBCC, then off to CSUMB on a water polo scholarship, and finally back home to attend CSULB to earn my teaching credential. My three siblings also attended and graduated from Millikan, and three out of four of us still live here. My mom still lives in the same house for the last 30 years and we all love our city!


The best memories for me would be going to the bay with my family every summer; three times a week growing up. Having a mom as a teacher was the best as it allowed for so many fun adventures in the summer and for her to be home in time for dinner every night. Really, just the best memories of my life here!

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