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The Cerulle Family

By Joseph Cerulle


My family came here in 1936 from Providence, RI, in search of work. It was a time of depression, and Long Beach was starting to grow. We have now been through 5 generations of men here in LB: Leonard Cerulle, Leonard Donald, Leonard Scott, Joseph, and Nolan. On the women’s side, I actually have an amazing photo of 6 living generations of women. It was only one short of the world record.


There are four Cerulle men living. Leonard Donald lives in the Shore, Leonard Scott lives in Lakewood and Joseph lives in Lakewood. My grandfather Leonard helped broker the deal that built the World Trade building in downtown. We are the insurance agency for the company that built it. Our agency is located in Bixby Knolls and we are a member of the BKBIA.


Me, personally, I left my mark on the golf course in LB as I was the LBSU golf coach for 12 seasons. On April 1, 2023, our agency (Leonard Cerulle Insurance Service) will officially be passed down to me. I feel honored to continue what my family has built for over 60 years.

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