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Small Business Is The Cornerstone Of Our Community!

We asked some of our local business owners: How do you think small businesses improve our community? Here are their perspectives!

Customers/ Clients can enjoy personalized service by (ideally) someone who is devoted to the business he/she is in. This results in more of an exchange of information therefore leading to an educated accountable purchase. The internet and big box stores leave you with even more questions and even less accountability. Big stores have indoctrined mediocrity into our society by hiring inexperienced people to do a job for less, not support them in anyway shape

or form within the business, keep offering tons of product with no integrity, and now that's just the norm, for multiple generations now.

If instead of demanding excellence from a group of people that are in no way able to provide it (employees of big box stores) we actually sought out professionals within our community and utilized individuals that actually care, we might see change. Well, we can only hope because the more of us there are, the more support we can provide to a community we've invested and believe in.

Alex Maltezos


I find shopping with small businesses create a relationship with the owners/employees. We can offer faster delivery times and a better understanding of what our customers want to achieve with their awards.

Shawn Fitzpatrick

Customers can get much more personalized service by shopping small business jewelry stores such as J&L Jewelry! We can design, cast and deliver custom pieces at a much lower price, discounts for repeat customers, friendly service from someone who really does care about your needs! Plus, we stand behind everything we do and you can come in a feel the difference! We love our city and we love our customers! We give back to our local charities!

Janis Krantz

Owner, J&L Jewelry

Small businesses improve the overall community in many ways. We create jobs, boost the local economy by purchasing within the community, we join the local chamber of commerce or leadership groups within the city to network and reach out to other businesses to support each other and the people within the community. In my case, I am owner of the GEICO Local Office Long Beach. When people think of GEICO, they think of a call center insurance company. GEICO Local Offices are sprouting in different cities to provide that local feel for customers who want to physically come into an office and talk to someone face to face rather than on the phone. I feel that we give the community a face to our brand and that is something I think all small businesses strive for.

Daniel Calimquim

Agency Owner | GEICO Long Beach

Small business improves our community in ways that big corporations can't. We live and breathe in our communities. We see what is needed from a front line perspective, not sitting behind a computer looking at reports and deciding for them what the community needs.

RaChelle Daniels

Owner, Static Salon

As a small business, Beach City Gifts will work with you to help choose the perfect gift! Also, we love to help other small businesses by offering no minimums and no set up fees when

purchasing items that promote their brand. You can order one or one hundred! We’re truly here to help!

Bill and Connie Sampson

Running a small business encourages creativity and the community benefits from the beauty and fun of something new.

Hallie Jane Culpepper

Small businesses are your local, friendly, “good neighbor”. These are your relationship based businesses –just around the corner to help you out or provide sound advice when you need it! We take pride in getting to know our clients and their families and even their pets.

State Farm Insurance



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