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Portugese Bend: Grain to Glass Distillery

By John Grossi

Portuguese Bend is the first and only grain-to-glass distillery in Long Beach. Named for the secret port off the Palos Verdes Peninsula where pirates would smuggle liquor into America during prohibition, Portuguese Bend’s concept mixes a respect for the past with a boldly modern atmosphere. They are a full restaurant. In addition to on-site distilling, the spot is most popular for their superb, seasonal craft cocktail selection, which features their own distilled spirits.

In-house they make six spirits all together. Two vodkas, two gins, a white rum, and a spiced rum. All have Long Beach themed names such as the “Breakwater Vodka.” Portuguese Bend takes great pride in providing Long Beach with something unique, something the entire city can stamp its name on. Head Distiller Simon Haxton is on location daily, where regulars and newcomers alike are always welcome to ask questions, sample new batches, and learn more about what separates craft distilling from big batch processing. Unlike the old days, Portuguese Bend is not an illegal, hidden spot. However, good as some of their cocktails are, maybe they should be!

300 The Promenade N,

Long Beach, CA 90802



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