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Podcast: Annika Bellamy (Singer/Songwriter)

Podcast Breakdown:

RonaV Week 26 in Long Beach! Long Beach local and singer/songwriter Annika Bellamy tells us about her new hit songs Olvidarte and Psycho and how she’s adapted during the pandemic (21:47-43:00).

How are we coping with RonaV? The Chosen One aka Pauly Deep Pockets is heading to Temecula to go winery-hopping and The Boss Man BBQ’s a watermelon for Labor Day (1:01-21:47).

We’re the official podcast of the Countdown to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles: 2,870 days, 13 hours, and 24 minutes left (43:00-47:50). Orange County is open, but Long Beach can’t figure it out (47:50-51:16). 908 Athlete of the Week: Joel Bitono of the Cleveland Browns (58:18-1:06:36).

Listen Here:

More about Annika:

Annika Bellamy is a rising singer/songwriter living in Long Beach. Her latest single “Olvidarte” is live at Spotify and iTunes and her music video for the song will release soon.

This is Annika's first Reggaetón song and her first song sung in Spanish.

Give this Long Beach creative artist a listen and see if you like it!

Instagram: @AnnikaBellamy

Facebook: @Bellamy.Annika



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