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Pet-Friendly Long Beach!

By Marina Hernandez

We all know Long Beach is a great place for animals! But rather than speculate why they love it, we decided to ask our friend Charlie to journal his day! Here’s what it’s like to spend a “Day in the Life” as a doggo in the 908’!

8:17 AM

Mornin’ y’all. Another sunny day and my human has got me set up for a photoshoot. I just got fully vaxxed so we’re trying out some new places today. I can’t wait.

10:45 AM

Philz outdoor patio is my happy place. There’s nothing like spending a lazy morning relaxing here while my human gets some work done. I’m a good boy.

12:09 PM

New experience alert! Rosie’s Dog Beach is definitely my NEW happy place. It’s the ulti-mutt hang for active pups. How is this much sand, sun and Shih Tzus even possible?

2:38 PM

Excuse me while I rest for a few hours. With all this pup-arazzi following me around I have earned a midday snooze.

5:15 PM

My dudes Oliver and Ozzy are visiting and it’s nothing but ruff-housing for us boys. Doggy Pile!

7:50 PM

New experience alert! Night time on Second and the livin’s easy. The scent of chicken parmesan, lamb kabobs, hand rolls, cheese burgers, and cinnamon buns- who can resist this paradise? Best. Day. Ever.



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