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Making Art with Beth Bowman

Bowman Ceramics | @bowman_ceramics |

By Kathleen Mest

When you touch the ceramics on Beth Bowman’s shelves, you cannot help but rub your fingertips along them to feel the subtle texture of her unglazed and glazed pottery. The works are tactile, minimalist, earthen and gorgeous.

Beth’s pieces are inspired by different neighborhoods in Long Beach and their interconnected communities. When at the wheel, she draws energy from these influences to create unique, small batch ceramics. On working with clay, Beth’s description waxes meditative, “Stay in the moment… hold the moment, grounded, centered. Every movement is reflected in the piece.”

Her works are purposeful and functional. As a subscribing member, she fires all her pieces at Clay on First, and greatly appreciates the resource. “One small business supporting another small business.”

At her airy and sun-lit studio, Beth hosts small group workshops (1-4 participants, minimum age of 7) with learners throwing at the wheel and hand building. Large group classes for hand building can be arranged by request at an off-site location of your choice (e.g. your home or a park). Beth shares, “I like teaching. Pottery is solitary so it’s great to share information. It’s very different to [have to] talk about it, because it’s all about feeling the clay. The clay forms itself.” If you’re not ready to sit at the wheel, she offers a Surface Design workshop in which she provides a formed piece like a mug and the student uses tools to etch the surface. Custom workshops are also available and you can collaborate with Beth to create a workshop that fulfills your desired intentions.

Beth’s work can be viewed and purchased on her website and at the following Long Beach businesses: Coffee Drunk, Plantiitas, Farmlot 59, Pippi + Lola, Marida, The Hangout, Vida Plant Shop, Salud and Cone 11 Studio. Each shop has a unique, curated selection of custom pieces for sale. Collaboration, creativity and community, Beth is all about it.



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