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Long Beach con Amore...Jake Armstrong and Emma Mariscal

By John Grossi

Emma and Jake briefly met at a mutual friend’s moving away party at Panxa in Long Beach in 2016, though at the time, they only said a few words to each other as part of a big group. Five years later, they found themselves in a group of mutual friends (again!) at a restaurant in Long Beach. This time at On the Rocks, watching March Madness.

The group decided to continue watching basketball games at Glory Days in Seal Beach when Emma mentioned she was getting chilly, because they had been sitting outdoors already. Jake lived nearby and said he was going home before Glory Days anyways. He offered to bring her a jacket and Emma accepted. After Emma left Glory Days a bit earlier than most of the group that evening, a friend texted later to ask whether she would consider going on a date with Jake. She responded, “Sure, if he brings me a jacket :)” Jake and Emma saw each other again just a few weeks later at a mutual friend’s party and exchanged numbers.

The First Date

The two went on their first date at La Parolaccia Osteria where they enjoyed pastas, pizza, and wine—although as much as Jake raved about taking her there… he hardly ate anything due to what the two can now safely say were nerves. They’ve been sure to go back and enjoy many amazing meals at La Parolaccia, as well as other Italian restaurants all over town.

The Rest is History...

Realizing they experienced so many of their most magical dates at Italian restaurants in Long Beach, the two recently went on their first international trip together and chose, of course, Italy, where they traveled through Rome, Florence, and Positano, eating some of the best pizza and lasagna they ever had, and went wine tasting through Tuscany.

Date Ideas from Jake and Emma

• Eat dinner at La Parolaccia, Ellie’s, Café Gazelle, Michael’s on Naples, or a favorite Italian restaurant in Long Beach of your choosing.

• If you have a dog, head to Rosie’s Dog Beach during the sunset.

• Try different sweets in Long Beach. Frosted Cupcakes is one of their current favorites.

• Picnic at the parks in Belmont Shore!



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