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Long Beach Caricaturist, Chanmealea Huy

Chanmealea Huy | @chanmealeahuy |

By Kathleen Mest

I caught up with Chanmealea Huy (Chan) in the midst of a transformational time, a few days before a big trip to her mother country, Cambodia, to reconnect with family she hasn’t seen since she was a child. At the same time, she has been revisiting the meaning of art in her life. Chan shares, “I want to create intentional art. Intention into action that represents who I am.” She was questioning, “Who am I making art for?”

Chan is a caricaturist, a surrealist, and fashion artist. Very different passions that illustrate her many sides.

“I love connecting with the community through art,” Chan says. Caricaturing keeps her out in the world interacting with people. She has worked at Disneyland, OC Fair and Knott’s Berry Farm as a caricature artist. She continues to work private parties and at the Cambodian Night Market in Long Beach.

Always learning new ways to communicate through art, Chan specializes in character design, illustrations, paintings, and graphic design using graphite, acrylics, oils, and digital platforms. Check out @chanmealeahuy to see her diverse works. Upcoming gallery events will be listed on or visit her at the Cambodian Night Market and get drawn!



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