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By Marina Hernández

Photo by Alexiz Gomez

Best described as a fizzy, semi-tart, semi-sweet fermented tea, kombucha has steadily gained popularity and has popped up on local bar taps throughout Long Beach. Here are a few of our fave spots!

Fine Feathers Kombucha Company

2296 Long Beach Blvd, 90806


Long Beach’s very own kombucha factory brews just north of downtown. Amidst the steady flow of processing for wholesale, a small taproom at the entrance of the storefront offers six signature flavors as well as a few premium flavors for onsite enjoyment.

Hummingbird Heart Co.

(Pictured above)

4810 E. 2nd St, 90803


A new addition to Belmont Shore, Hummingbird Heart Co. launched its Kombucha Bar and Elevated Bottle Shop in June 2023. With ten distinct options, Hummingbird has the broadest selection of Kombucha on tap that we could find. They even have a bar counter to “kombuch” and chill from your 2nd Street shopping spree or after a “Horny Corner” tan sesh.

Steelhead Coffee@Steelcraft

3768 Long Beach Blvd, 90807


A pleasant surprise to find kombucha on tap amidst the booze, colas and lattes usually associated with Steelcraft. An even more pleasant surprise to be able to drive up, order, and go, especially on those crisp fall mornings.



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