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“Ice Dogs” Love Worthy of the Big Screen...Courtney and Sean Cover

By John Grossi

When Courtney was just 20 years old, attending LBCC, she got a call from her mom who was at work in the school office of Emerson Elementary. Her mom had been talking to her friend and coworker Sue (Sean’s mom) about how tough it was for young people to meet each other. They cooked up a plan to set up Courtney and Sean on a date. Courtney was told that Sean was going to call her - which he did later that day, and the two talked on the phone before deciding to go out on a date.

The First Date

It was February of 2004, and Sean decided to take Courtney out to the hot new ticket in town. A Long Beach Ice Dogs hockey game! Neither had been to a game before but it was something fun and different to do. Courtney remembers when they got there he bought her a hot dog and a beer, and she had to remind him that she wasn’t 21 yet so he’d better drink her beer for her!

The Rest is History...

A year later in February of 2005, Sean put together a group of family and friends to go to another Ice Dogs game. Part way through the game, to Courtney’s surprise… the Jumbotron flashed the words, “Courtney, Will You Marry Me?” She didn’t think anything of it at first because when she looked at Sean, he was just sitting there. Then she looked back at the Jumbotron and back at Sean, and this time, he was on his knee proposing to her. The two have been married since April 2006. They have two kids attending LBUSD, who just like their parents, have lived in Long Beach their whole life!

Date Ideas from Courtney and Sean

• Have a breakfast date at Bake n Broil.

• Watch college football on a Saturday at EJ Malloy’s or your favorite neighborhood bar.

• Have dinner with a view at Ola at 2nd & PCH.

• Walk to Yago Juice for an açai bowl.

• Eat dinner at Baja Sonora.

• And of course, check out your local sporting events!



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