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Good Grief, I’m Glad We Met...Heddy and Bill Niemeyer

By John Grossi

Bill and Heddy Niemeyer met in the last place on earth they were looking for love… a bereavement group at St. Cyprian’s Church in 1994. Both had suffered the loss of partners from their long and happy first marriages. “In the bereavement group, I was impressed with Heddy because she seemed to be really intellectually sharp. She always had something meaningful to say and it didn’t hurt that she was so pretty,” said Bill.

Heddy said that she had turned down dates since her first husband had passed. “It was so painful to lose my husband. I said I am never taking that chance again. But Bill was so nice; it was hard to say no.”

The First Date

They went to a (now-closed) restaurant called Jolly Roger in the Marina, followed by strolling down by the water. Talking while walking around the Marina became a regular “date night.” They learned a lot about each other over the course of many walks by the water. “For me, the highlight of our second date was walking around and holding Heddy’s hand. I was so excited to be holding her hand… it was very romantic,” said Bill.

The Rest is History...

The two were married after a year of dating. They were so compatible that when the priest gave them a pre-marriage questionnaire he accused them of collaborating, because they wrote all the same answers while sequestered in separate rooms. They have now been married over 27 years and each call the other a blessing in their life. The retirees spend their time visiting their combined 6 children and 16 grandkids. They are also both heavily involved with Pathway’s in Long Beach and Lakewood, a nonprofit organization that offers hospice, homecare services, and bereavement services at no cost to those in the community suffering from grief.

Date Ideas from Bill and Heddy

• Walk down by the water often; take advantage of the amazing views!

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Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
Jul 05, 2023
This testifies to a strong connection, mutual understanding and love that overcomes all difficulties and trials of time.
When two people decide to live their whole lives together, they share joys and sorrows, successes and failures, rejoice in mutual achievements and support each other in difficult moments. This is a partnership that inspires and gives strength to overcome life's challenges. very interesting information for couples who are at an impasse in their relationship, there is always a way out


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