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FIT4MOM In The Park

By John Grossi

Calling all moms! FIT4MOM is one of the coolest, healthiest, most fun resources in Long Beach for all the mamma bears looking for a workout and community!

The concept is straightforward…if you are a mom, whether brand new, expecting, or a child-rearing vet, you’re welcome at FIT4MOM. It’s an outdoor workout class made especially for moms - especially those with young children who can’t be left at home.

You shouldn’t have to pay for childcare just so you can go to the gym and live a healthy lifestyle. Bring the kiddos with you! That’s the purpose of FIT4MOM. Creating a community that accepts and tailors to babies, toddlers, and all youngsters being at class while mom gets in shape.

There are a variety of workout classes tailored toward the different stages of motherhood. All classes take place outside at Long Beach parks. Not only is FIT4MOM a great way to work out while bonding with your baby, it is also a community of moms who understand and support one another.

“After the newness of motherhood wore off I definitely felt a little lost with my new role as a mother. FIT4MOM provided the shared experience of motherhood while keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. FIT4MOM has some type of magic sauce that mamas get to experience while working out and bonding with other moms,” says Shannon Shondeff.

Shondeff loved FIT4MOM so much as a new mother she bought the Long Beach franchise and now runs the local group as well as those in a few surrounding cities!

If you are a new or expecting mom, or know any mothers in Long Beach looking to “GET OUTSIDE” while still watching their little one, try FIT4MOM. All the moms agree, it’s more than a workout class. It’s a friend and support community where you can talk with peers experiencing the same stage in life as you!



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