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Finding Magic at Practical Magicka

By Kathleen Mest

You are drawn into the shop by the beautiful display of crystals, brass chimes, and intricate dream catchers. And when you enter, the sound of flowing water and the smell of sage is in the air as it cleanses your energy. The front room is filled with candles, crystals, beads, bracelets, tinctures, and essential oils. Owners Eva and Yani are full of knowledge and passion and love answering any questions about the items and their uses.

However, it’s the back room that holds the “magicka.” They host an array of classes taught by specialists in Feng Shui, yoga (Kudalini and Vinyasa), sound bath, spiritual support groups, wand making (soldering class), readings (tarot, palm, aura, psychic), Reiki, and meditation! Looking for a moment of calmness during your day? Stop by Practical Magicka and take a deep breath. You will feel refreshed in an instant. | @practical_magicka_



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