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(Don’t) Spill the Tea: Unique Places to Throw a Fancy Adult Tea Party!

By Monique Garcia | Photos by Alexiz Gomez | All photos taken at Chez Bacchus

The Sun-Kissed Mermaid


Relaxation and luxury? Sign me up! Booking with Sun-Kissed Mermaid, you get to experience a private afternoon on the dock aboard the Sun-Kissed Mermaid boat. For two splendid hours, you can enjoy a relaxing picnic with a beautiful and unique view. Spend your time listening to music, watching the water, or playing games. There is nothing more stress-free than sunbathing on top of a mini yacht with your loved one. Your host, Rae, provides local snacks and pastries for you to enjoy along with your selected tea before leaving you to your private time.

“I really enjoy connecting and taking care of people, so sharing my boat with others came very naturally,” said Rae. Sun-Kissed Mermaid started in 2020, when Rae began to rent out her mini yacht to close friends who needed to get away for a weekend. Pretty soon, the gorgeous view from the marina was too good not to share with others, and Sun-Kissed Mermaid was born. This is truly the perfect tea experience for couples and best friend duos looking to get lost in their own private world. As a reiki practitioner, owner Rae is more than experienced in creating the optimal space for deep conversation and mindful relaxation.

Dream Come True Tea and Party Room

4350 Atlantic Ave, 90807


All lovers of fantastical and quirky things will find their dreams coming true at Dream Come True. From the moment you enter through the door, you feel like Alice being transported to a completely different world. The walls are hand painted by owner Elena’s mother, Mel Carson, which gives the entire room a dreamlike feel. The love and care is felt everywhere as you notice all the little details from the experience… from the carefully selected paintings to the beautiful tea sets, which Elena spent more than 20 years collecting.

“It started out as doing kids parties but it’s really for anyone to enjoy so it just kept growing,” said Elena. Now, the shop is also frequented by bridal parties, baby showers, or parties that enjoy a whimsical light lunch. Elena has many things coming soon, including new outdoor seating, special events, and to-go lunch boxes packed with their sandwiches and iconic unicorn soda.

Chez Bacchus

(pictured above)

743 E. 4th St, 90802


When you think of classy afternoon tea, Chez Bacchus is everything you imagine and more. Every detail from the menu to the décor is so well thought out and beautiful. When you arrive, guests may choose their tea selection from a sizable list of choices, which is even brought in on a classic tea cart! The staff is amazingly patient, especially if you are like me and need to ask a hundred questions before making up your mind about what flavor to try.

“Hospitality and providing the best experience possible is everything to us,” said owner John Hansen. Tea-goers are presented with a delicious seasonal salad and a traditional three-tiered tea tower. The fact that their very own Patisserie chef comes in every morning tells you of their high quality. An elegant and traditional experience like this one is extremely memorable for anyone.



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