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Buvon's Wine Bar

By John Grossi

Natural Wine is all the rage these days. And why shouldn’t it be? As Buvon’s owner, Alicia Kemper, says, “We are so conscious of what we put into our bodies with food, why wouldn’t we want to be conscious of what drinks are going into our body?” Buvon’s, opened in 2022, specializes in natural wines and natural leaning, low-intervention wines. The beautiful, new modern space, with indoor and outdoor seating, is tucked away on Loma Ave. between Anaheim Street and 7th Street in Long Beach.

The shop’s specialty is wine tastings with fresh tastings available every day! These daily events, designed to educate, highlight amazing wines from all over the world – wines that don’t use additives nor preservatives that can alter taste. These wines are amazing enough just through the natural art of wine-making!

Buvon’s offers light snacks and often a DJ spinning vinyl records on weekends. However, the main reason to enjoy Buvon’s is as the perfect place to learn about, explore, and enjoy the world of natural wines and everything they stand for. “We’re passionate and we want to share our passion with you,” says Kemper.



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