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Before heading to the Carpenter Center one evening (to see the Purple Xperience. A must see for any Prince fan!), friends and I met for dinner at Marris and— mamma mia!— was it delicious! Hands down, the best fettuccine alfredo I've ever had. Popular for their pizzas, Marris menu also includes traditional pasta dishes and homemade signature sandwiches. This modest little eatery will please the entire famiglia.

6436 Stearns St |

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Shon Milly
Shon Milly
Aug 13, 2023

It's a great place. Very tasty food. I play sports and constantly recharged with proteins there when I was gaining weight. Why throw away money on expensive sports nutrition when you can eat very healthy and tasty food in such places and have a lot of fun? Especially when I was taking trenbolone and doing my best in training, it was very cool to go there after training to eat. By the way, if you are interested in the best place to buy trenbolone online. I wish you great sporting achievements.



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