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A Man with a Muse: LaJon Miller

LaJon Miller | @theartoflajon |

By Kathleen Mest

Warrior. Samurai sword. Bright pink hair. LaJon Miller’s muse is bold, powerful, and vibrant.

Influenced by anime, manga, and the samurai, LaJon’s original inspirations were those which surrounded him as a youth – “strong, empowered women’’ in his four sisters, mother, and employers. As he transitioned into a full-time artist, he questioned, “Who do I want to connect with? What do I want to say?” It was his mom fighting breast cancer that created his original female warrior. With a shock of curly, untamed, free hair and stances informed by Ronin Warriors, he formed a strong female image that embodied empowerment, “No restrictions, free of any type of bondage, self-imposed or not.” The hair color? Neon pink, the color of Breast Cancer Awareness.

His newest muse, Little Pink Puff, seen in many current works, is, in a sense, the “younger sister” of his original warrior. She is youthful, strong, and creative. All possibilities and all dreams are available to her.

You can see his works throughout Long Beach including:

• Murals - on two utility boxes (the one at Santa Fe Avenue and 23rd Street depicts Little Pink Puff pursuing her dreams); the exterior patio wall at Wood & Salt Tavern; and interiors at Denizen and Mangostein;

• Displays at Lucy’s Boudoir. These 10 pieces, possibly the largest personal collection of his work, include custom-painted mannequins;

• MADE in Downtown Long Beach, where his merchandise is available for sale.

LaJon strongly believes in community. He participated in “live paintings” at the Juneteenth Celebration in Long Beach; donated a series of paintings for Breast Cancer Awareness; and joined other artists in beautifying DTLB during the BLM protests by adding art signifying “strength in resilience and messages of peace, healing and understanding.” For over 10 years, he has been a creativity coach for children, and is currently the artist-in-residence for Scholars Collective.

And exciting events are in the near future! He is creating an exhibit to present his work along with samurai-infused fashion. His new mural in Los Cerritos Park will be a tribute to the Awaida family. Stay updated by following @theartoflajon and his website,



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