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A Date Worth Returning To, and Paying For...Jim Medina and Rick Brown

By John Grossi

How They Met and First Date

Rick and I met playing volleyball organized through The Center in Long Beach back in 1988,” remembers Jim. “One evening after volleyball, he asked me out to dinner. We went to the old Hof ’s Hut in Belmont Shore and had a lovely meal. When the check came, he realized he didn’t have his wallet and couldn’t pay. He wouldn’t let me pay; he said he lived a few blocks away and would run home to get his wallet. Of course, I thought this was hilarious and waited patiently. He did return, paid the bill, and we’ve been together ever since.” A few weeks later, Rick and Jim went with some friends to the Queen Mary where they have their first pictures together as an official couple.

The Rest is History...

Rick and Jim were married in 2013, at a small chapel on Ocean Ave. and then held a reception with 150 people at the Yardhouse in Long Beach. Memorably at the reception, Jim and Rick had decided they didn’t want to do the tradition where the newly married couple kiss when someone taps their glass. Instead, they armed themselves with squirt guns, firing on anyone at the Yardhouse who tapped their glass!

Date Ideas from Jim and Rick

• Take advantage of the Long Beach Bike Path.

• Head to the Long Beach Art Museum.

• Play Frisbee golf at El Dorado Park.

• Eat dinner at Super Mex.

• Buy season tickets to shows at the Carpenter Center.



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