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Lab Created Diamonds with J & L Jewelry

Local native Janis Krantz has been in the diamond business for 52 years. “This industry is fun, interesting and it is never boring”. Janis has her own jewelry shop here in Long Beach of 29 years called J & L Jewelry. Janis explained that she receives new and unique items every day. Her shop is constantly rotating with new items. Along with her shop the jewelry world is also constantly changing with new and unique items. “Lab Created Diamonds” is the new hot item. That means exactly how you read it. These are diamonds that are created inside a scientific lab.

Lab created diamonds has become popular within the past couple of years and the popularity keeps growing. These diamonds are a great alternative to real expensive diamonds. Lab created diamonds are attracting the younger generations because of how real these diamonds look and how they are a fraction compared to what a real diamond that size would cost. Janis explained that the lab created diamonds is popular in today’s world. These lab created diamonds are only a fraction less than the natural diamonds. That is why Janis does not stress their purchasing of them. Whether it is the year 1810 or 2019 diamonds will forever be man and women’s best friend.

But real diamonds will never go out of style. “I love diamonds”. Janis loves clean-cut diamonds designed by Mother Nature herself. She finds it very amazing that in the year 2019 we have come to the age where we can create our own diamonds. Janis sees all kinds of interesting pieces coming into her shop every day. This includes a ring she recently received coming from the early 1800s. J & L Jewelry receives a variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets from all around. Janis has a real heart for this industry and it definitely shows. Something unique about J & L Jewelry is they custom make their rings as well. Being in the industry for years Janis has found an eye for beautiful diamonds. Personally at the 908 we cannot wait to see what is next to come into J & L Jewelry.

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