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Katelyn Ctvrlik is a Young Baller at her Core

Background: Katelyn grew up in Long Beach and graduated from Wilson High. At the age of 16 and after numerous injuries as a dancer, Katelyn discovered the Pilates Method and GYROTONIC®; she has since managed to turn her love for movement into a full-time career and business. While studying Dance, Psychology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado at Boulder she completed her Advanced Certification from the Pilates Center at Boulder and GYROTONIC® Certification. She also became a Certified Health Coach through Duke Integrative Medicine, which enables her to provide clients with the right tools to form healthy habits for their bodies. Katelyn has built an impressive roster of clients ranging from NHL and NFL players with sports injuries to regular joes dealing with chronic pain and spinal fusions. As the owner of Pilates Place Hermosa Beach (555 Pier Ave, Ste 10), her goal is to create a space for everyone to benefit from movement at any age or level. Q: How has Long Beach shaped your world view? Coming from such a healthy and athletic community in Long Beach gave me an undeniable perspective and passion for the health and wellness industry. I am forever grateful for all the advice and direction from my mentors, teachers and parents. I believe Long Beach has the most genuine, good hearted and humble people around; I hope I can carry their mentality with me. Q: What is your vision for the future of Long Beach?? Long Beach has been continuously evolving into a health and wellness hub. I would love to see the health and wellness craze sweep into local schools in the Long Beach school district. It is never too early to develop healthy habits!

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