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Concert In The Park: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Ever thought about packing up a picnic and heading to your neighborhood Concert in the Park, but just don’t know where to start? Long Beach Concert in the Park regulars have it down.

The Cuellar Family:

Rich, Wendy, Matt, and Gavin Cuellar’s go-to Concert in the Park is El Dorado Park West on Friday nights.

“It’s a great ending to a crazy week and a fantastic beginning to a fabulous weekend,” Wendy said.

Musts on the Cuellar’s Concert in the Park packing list include:

  • Chairs. While the live music is playing, sometimes it’s nice to bring chairs to sit and enjoy the ambiance.

  • Tables. It’s helpful to have a table or two to keep food and games on while mingling with neighbors.

  • Potluck-style food. If you are getting together with a larger group of families, potluck style is the way to go. Every family brings a different dish, and everyone gets a little bit of everything.

  • Games. Pack a variety of games for the little ones. Spike ball, frisbee, monopoly, or any other family favorites!

The Lindstrom Family:

Brett, Ashley, Addi, and Beckett Lindstrom try to ride their bike or walk to the neighborhood Concert in the Park Fridays at El Dorado Park West and Tuesdays at Whaley Park.

Ashley said that her and Brett started going to Friday night Concert in the Park before their kids were born. “There’s such a sense of community.” Ashley said. “It’s literally one of the reasons we wanted to live in our neighborhood!”

Musts on the Lindstrom’s Concert in the Park packing list include:

  • Finger foods. Pack chicken fingers, egg rolls, chicken wings for appetizers... but, remember to bring pizza and sandwiches for later in the night when the kiddos start to get hungry again!

  • Blankets. For those who are looking to fully capture the “picnic in the park” night, bring a colorful blanket to sit on or wrap around the little ones. Even though it’s summer, it still gets chilly later in the night!

  • Sporting items. It’s a park, so a soccer ball, football, and handful of frisbees are a must.

  • KanJam. Brett and Ashley play this flying disc game before the concert begins with their friends. 10/10 recommend!

These concerts get pretty packed, so go early to get the best seat possible. “It’s nice to sit and hear the warm-up and see friends to chat with before the music starts,” she said. “Plus then as people arrive they come sit with you!”

With the help of the Cuellars and Lindstroms, the packing part will be a piece of cake. Below is the schedule for this summer’s Concert in the Park series.


June 25 and July 2 at Whaley Park

July 9 at Chavez Park

July 16, 23, and 30 at Bluff Park


June 26 to July 31 at Los Cerritos Park


June 27 to August 1 at Marine Stadium


June 28 to August 2 at El Dorado Park West


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