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Real Estate Agent, Michele K. Goes Over Common Stressors & Solutions Of Home Buying

Whether you’re a newbie at buying a home or have an abundance of home buying experience under your belt, purchasing a house is a taxing situation regardless. For buyers, when the process seems to be going on the right track it's keen to keep in mind that just one mishap can annihilate the deal.

When it comes time to making what might be one of the biggest financial investments of your life, there are ways to downsize the amount of stress involved to help patch up the bumps on the turbulent home buying road. I sat down with local Long Beach real estate agent, Michele K. Kreinheder to help find our what tips and advice home buyers can keep in mind when looking for their next home.

Getting Pre-Approved

Getting pre approved is one the most stressful thing that buyers go through. They tend to put it off the longest because people are fearful of money; it’s ultimately what can make a break a deal.

Michele K. stressed the need to reach out for a real estate agent that you can be comfortable with and hopefully in return, they will have a lender that they are comfortable with.

“I like to sit down with the lenders and the buyers and it's usually a very nice relaxed meeting,” reality owner, Michele K. said. “I think a lot gets said during that meeting that's important not only for the lender, but for me as well, in terms of getting to know them better before going into the home buying process.”

It’s no surprise that when buying a home, getting help and assistance from the beginning is vital. That way the real estate agent and home buyer can go through the process together in a less stressful manner.

“Just know that it is not as stressful or scary as you think,” Michele K. said. “Even if you arn’t quite ready to purchase, its an excellent idea to sit down with a lender because then you know what your goal is, and what you need to start paying attention to.”

Whether it’s focusing your attention to your FICO score, saving more money, or maybe you are going down a path and realize that the location or house you were looking into isn't going to work; sitting with a lender and a real estate agent can help you switch gears and get you ready to purchase a home.

Home Inspection Process

When you find the house of your dreams, you might be eager to seal the deal before others come along offering a higher price. However, hold your pens folks; although you might be thinking that the house looks nice and you already started envisioning yourself living in it, you still have to hire a professional to do a physical inspection of the house. Mind you this is out of your pocket.

“Every house, I don't care if you think it's the most maintained and perfect house in the world, there is going to be something that the inspector is going to call up,” Michele K. said. “I think that some people get really nervous about this, but if you rely on an agent, they can walk you through the issue.”

Here home buyers will determine how much it would cost to repair the listed problem and how important the problem is to repair. Throughout the process Michele K. highlights the importance of not becoming overwhelmed, and taking the time to dissect each issue one step at a time with a real estate agent near-by.

“Either the house is going to be okay and you decide to go forward with the paperwork, or it's going to be too much work and you call off the deal, or you can ask for a concession from the seller,” Michele K. said. “Here you can list all the problems wrong with the house and ask for a second renegotiation.”

Trusting your real estate agent

Lastly, but definitely not the least important, it's essential to have a real estate agent that you can trust.

“If you trust your agent and know their experienced; it's highly likely they are putting you first and everything that they do is for your benefit,” Michele K. said. “If at some point you can trust them, then it can alleviate a lot of stress.”

Thankfully, Long Beach locals have Michele K. Kreinheder Real Estate located on 5500 E. Atherton Street, Suite 310 is here to help new and experienced home buyers go through the process of buying a home with ease. If you have any questions about finding or selling a home, Michele K. Kreinheder Real Estate is happy to help. For more information call (562) 243-2171 or visit (


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