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Custom Jewelry at Luckette

If you look through the 2nd St. window showcasing Luckette Boutique in Naples you’ll see their ever-changing inventory of seasonal fashion and accessories. Upon walking in you can browse their extensive selection of handcrafted jewelry.

What you can’t see are the custom pieces owner Louisa Bir creates for clients on daily basis.

“We’re starting to get a lot of traction in the local community through word of mouth,” Louisa tells us.

Louisa opened Luckette Boutique in 2018 after falling in love with the Long Beach community and relocating to the 908 from Florida. While she was excited to have a storefront with diverse possibilities her main specialty is, and always has been, custom handcrafted jewelry.

“We can either create something totally unique, or we can repurpose or refashion existing jewelry. The great thing about custom jewelry is that we can really do anything the client wishes,” says Louisa.

A lot of customers bring in older estate jewelry that is from their parents or has just fallen out of fashion. Louisa can re-set the stones, or even redesign the entire piece.

“A woman came in the other day and she had a marquee diamond with her. She didn’t love the settings from the 50’s, so we took the stones out and gave her something better!"

“Another lady came in with her Eternity ring and we’re recasting the band, throwing the diamonds in the gold and letting them lay where they lay.” Said Louisa.

Whether repurposing a well-loved piece of jewelry or creating something entirely new, interested clients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Louisa either at Luckette or conveniently after hours. Usually, step #1 is coming up with a budget.

“There is nothing to big or small for me,” says Louisa, “I’ll work with any budget. I’ve done rings for as little as $100 and as expensive as $25,000. It all depends on what the client wants!”

She likes to hint at her sense of British eccentricity and is inspired by the power of jewelry to express strength, love, and faith, invoking delight and inspiration.

You may wish to commission Luckette to create something unique that will last for generations and illustrate your personality. Watch your custom creation evolve and be as elaborate as you wish. In fact, the more unusual or intriguing the challenge, the happier Louisa is!

Luckette only sources ethical diamonds and gemstones.

Every piece that leaves the Luckette workshop in Long Beach, California is brought to life through original designs and outstanding quality.

If you want to make sure your jewelry or the gift for that special someone is truly one-of-a-kind, plan an appointment with Louisa at Luckette today!


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