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Why Does Getting Your Hair Colored Cost so Much?

You’ve just built up the courage to color your hair a color you’ve been dying to try, but then you realize what that dream hair is going to cost. This might come as a surprise and make you feel a little perplexed. Static Salon gets your hesitation, but they want to assure people that it’s an investment in your hair’s integrity. In doing this, they’ve broken down the cost for you.

There are many factors that determine the price for coloring your hair. These include:

  • How many times your hair has been colored

  • How many different hair colors you’ve had

  • What hair color you’re trying to achieve

A big misconception is that it’s an easy task to lighten someone’s hair from their natural color or color treated hair. Going for a lighter shade compared to your current hair color is naturally going to cost more because there are more steps involved. From lightening the hair, to applying the color, to toning it, each phase should be tailored to your hair’s needs. Lighter hair colors that take more sessions to achieve, include:

  • Ash blonde

  • Pale blonde

  • Platinum blonde

  • Bright colors, like green, pink, or teal

  • Pastel colors, like lavender, peach, or sky blue

More sessions are needed when lifting the hair to lighter hair color because warm colors are present in natural and artificial hair colors. The entire hair color spectrum from dark brunette to light blonde includes levels of warm shades, such as red, orange and yellow.

If you’re a color fanatic that changes your hair color on the regular, be prepared to lighten your hair in stages. Product buildup from multiple colorings prevents the hair from lifting evenly because it has to penetrate several layers of color. This is why going from a boxed hair color is especially tricky since there are multiple levels the color has to penetrate.

At Static Salon, they lift your hair color using Aveda’s enlightener™, a powder lightener, and colorcatalyst™, a conditioning crème developer. These react with the melanin in your hair by removing it in an irreversible chemical reaction. To achieve your ideal hair color, Static Salon lightens and tones the hair in multiple stages, which prevents damage and helps avoid brassy tones.

A balayage is when your stylist freely hand paints highlights throughout your hair. Static Salon recommends this method to people because it’s a healthier way to highlight the hair and creates a natural looking finish with less noticeable roots in between touch-ups!

Static Salon’s starting price for a balayage is $275, which does not include bowls of color or toner. Each session takes at least three hours. Once you achieve your goal hair color, the next thing is upkeep. Static Salon suggests a toning service every 6-12 weeks, which ranges from $45 - $95.

Now, you can put down that box of hair color and avoid awkward orange hair reveals. Static Salon believes anyone rock a cool platinum blonde or look pretty in pink if they have the patience. These gorgeous colors look good on any skin tone and are well worth the time it will take to get there.


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