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Three of the Most Frequent Chiropractic Questions

Have you ever wondered about the best bed to buy or how often to visit the chiropractor? Long Beach 908 sat down with Dr. Denise Jones, DC, to discuss three of her most frequently questions asked by her patients.

What kind of bed should someone buy?

The answer is simple— any kind of bed you are sleeping well in.

Jones highlights how each person’s preference varies and as long as you get a full night rest, there is no reason to worry about having a certain brand or type of the bed.

“Whatever bed you feel that you are getting a goodnight sleep in and not toss and turn...that’s the bed you should have,” said Jones. “If you are sleeping, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard, soft, Tempur-Pedic or water.”

However, the big key to sleeping well is your pillow.

“[You] should change your pillow every six months, but at least yearly,” she said. “And sleep with only ONE pillow under your head to avoid inflection. It is important for your neck and spine to be as neutral as [possible].”

She also suggests to sleep on your back or side because sleeping on your stomach can cause hyperlordosis, an increase in curvature in your lower back.

What is the best way to stretch?

If you stretch before a workout, stop.

“People say ‘I stretch before I run, play basketball or do yoga’, but the best thing to do is warm up to get blood flow, do the activity and then stretch,” said Jones. “You stretch post activity and often times, many think you stretch to do the activity.”

If you are going for a run, you do not want to stretch before you head out. You would want to warm up and stretch after the run once the muscles are warm.

“You never want to stretch a cold muscle,” she said.

How often should someone visit the chiropractor?

Often times, we wait for pain to develop before stepping foot inside the chiropractor. But visiting any chiropractor like Jones should be a preventative measure.

“Once they [patients with pain] come in, get adjusted and realize what it feels like to feel good, they come in once a month,” she said. “They know they can take a preventive measure.”

But for those asymptomatic, she recommends people to come in anywhere between one to three months.

“We want to address problems before they start,” she said. “I can see when things are happening prior to any symptoms.”

Those interested in chiropractic care from Denise Jones, DC, can give her a call at (562) 588-7500. She will be delighted to answer any questions one may have!


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